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Zuckerberg’s Plan of a Better Community with Artificial Intelligence

Mark Zuckerber Building Global Community with Artificial Intelligence
With Artificial Intelligence, Facebook intends to filter crime provoking, hateful, and bullying posts from its network.

In his recent letter to the community, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spilled out his concern for the global community. This 5700+ words long letter discussed the futuristic plans of Facebook.

Talking with his global community, Mark pinned that Facebook is on the verge to involve artificial intelligence to its system to find hate-spreading community and bringing them into light.

AI for Newbies

“Looking ahead, one of our greatest opportunities to keep people safe is building artificial intelligence to understand more quickly and accurately what is happening across our community,” Zuckerberg said in his letter.

Mark also accepted that Facebook had previously did not do well in reviewing unwanted content. This had cost people’s lives. The system Facebook still has is not strong enough to report on its own.

But with the plan Facebook is working on, artificial intelligence would be able to do this job in a short span of time. “We are researching systems that can look at photos and videos to flag content our team should review,” Mark wrote. “This is still very early in development, but we have started to have it look at some content, and it already generates about one-third of all reports to the team that reviews content for our community.”

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This artificial system of reviewing and monitoring would take years. However, Facebook is already working on a system which can differentiate between terrorism news and terrorist activities.

Mark started Facebook with 450 viewers in its initial launch within the first four hours. He wrote a program to get people’s opinion of the ‘hot or not’ photos which was limited to a small community. But conditions made him expand this idea and today Facebook has over 1.8 billion active users worldwide.

Mark concluded his letter by Abraham Lincoln’s quote during American Civil Wars, “It is not ‘can any of us imagine better?‘ but, ‘can we all do better?

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