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Zunum Aero: Hybrid electric jets soon to touch the skies of the USA

Zunum Aero - Hybrid Electric Jets


Zunum Aero, a new startup, is reforming the flight strategy. Zunum Aero has a fleet of hybrid electric jets, making the air travel more eco-friendly and cheaper.

Ashish Kumar the CEO and founder of Zunum Aero is a PhD. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, New York. He has a mind to explore his specific niche and help corporations like Microsoft, Google, Dell, and McKinsey.

Ashish founded Zunun Aero after getting his inspirations from disruptive power of electric aircraft, transforming aerospace technology. With hybrid electric jets, Zunum aims to offer a faster, quieter, and eco-friendly journey at a lower cost.

Zunum Aero is planning has set its initial target market. The company plans to sell its fleet of hybrid electric jets to all major carriers in the USA. The company’s tiny jets are widely appropriate for small journeys like from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

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The tiny jets from Zunum Aero would save airfares by not consuming any type of fuel. In addition, the journey would cut down its time as of fewer security checkups on a small aircraft like themselves.

The company also claims that on a single charge these hybrid jets would cover a distance of up to 700 miles, carrying 10-passengers on a one-sided journey. Ashish, while talking to The Verge, said that their new jets would be fully operational by 2020. And a decade later could even offer a journey on a much longer route, carrying more passengers.

Zunum Aero has got an attention of JetBlue Airways and Boeing and has already reached the “build phase”. The company has 10 employees as a startup but Ashish is expecting more in the near future to pace up their manufacturing process.

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