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Mastodon: Could this become a threat to some free open-source social media networks?

Mastodon - Could this beat other free open-source social media networks?

Where we have tons of free open-source social media networks, there’s always a room for one more. Mastodon, the newly launched social network, is now becoming an eye for all the social media lovers.

Mastodon is a product by a 24-year-old Eugen Rochko, founded in October 2016. It allows users to follow others and post status updates called “toots”.

Many are even saying that Mastodon is a new replacement of Twitter. Where Twitter ‘tweets’ Mastodon ‘Toots’.

The best part of Mastodon is its better privacy settings which beat its predecessor. The founder of the newly launched free open-source social media network restricts excessive advertisement, violent and profane content, and more.

This social media network also has a larger character limit than Twitter. Users can use 500 characters to share an update. And users can hide their post from the general public. Making Mastodon a blend of Facebook and Twitter.

Although, Mastodon has several limitations for now like it only runs on a Linux system. And due to a large number of signups, the company isn’t accepting new accounts. But all these limitations are expected to be removed, soon.

Over a period of almost 5 months, Mastodon has now 41,703 users. Not only this, the network has now over a million status updates. As of its growing community, Mastodon might become a competitor to many pre-existing free open-source social networks.

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