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15 to 20 percent of Android users switch to iOS—Report

The data collected for the report was focused on new iPhone purchases which were made by the former Android users. According to CIRP data, 15% to 20% of the customers who buy new iPhone were the previous Android users.

Data was collected from September 2017 to March 2018, Android users were also inclined towards larger and cheaper iOS running models. The most popular device among the Android switchers was iPhone 8, around 40% of switchers bought Apple iPhone 8.

The reason why most Android switchers stick to iPhone 8 rather than other models is the iPhone 8 performed well as compared to previous models and it was cheaper as compared to latest models. However, the iPhone 7 was also popular after iPhone 8, the phone was purchased 25% of all purchases and iPhone 6s larger variant accounted for 15% of the purchases. But these phones have lost their popularity among existing iOS customers.

iPhone SE accounted for surprising 10% of the sales, despite being unpopular among existing iOS users the phone was somewhat popular among Android customers.

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The most popular iPhone among iOS users is the iPhone X, but as Android users are price conscious it becomes difficult for them to switch to iPhone X, however, they are attracted to iPhone X but the price plays an important role to grab Android users.

The android users still bought the phone almost 10% the figure could be much higher if the price of the phone was less than the normal.

These figures show many Android users switching to iOS and Apple had some success in grabbing the Android user audience with its focused marketing campaigns and Apple is getting what it wants.

Since we don’t have the data yet how many iOS users are switching to Android, when we have hands on that it would be an interesting comparison between the two popular platforms.

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