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1Password wants to get rid of the last remaining password

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Most of us expect to find the best password managers that can protect our credentials with the best passwords these systems can generate. Most of the apps use the policy of protecting all of your passwords under a single password, such as Dash lane by Apple or Google Password. Although this is a vulnerability if someone attempts to access your account, The latest idea circulating is to avoid entering your passwords repeatedly with Microsoft, Google, and PayPal. 1Password, a password manager, is the most recent app to join this initiative.

The company will start converting all passwords into one password through PassKey. This will allow users to log in to an account using a master password. This change will be a breakthrough and will prove to be the beginning of the latest authentication technology, which is far more secure than keeping passwords.

After purchasing ID authentication firm Passage in November, which was seen as setting the foundation for a password-free future for the company’s clients, 1Password recently switched to passkey-supported login. This news was reported by Axios. A few days later, the service announced its intention to introduce passkey support for app and website logins in the first quarter of 2023.

Although it may seem weird for a service designed to safeguard passwords to support passwordless authentication, Dashlane already integrated passkeys into its service last year, so 1Password is not alone in this effort. The Credential Manager API, which Google just announced, aims to make it simpler for app developers to offer a straightforward sign-in experience in their apps by supporting a variety of login methods like passwords and passkeys.

Passkeys function by supplying distinctive digital keys that are locally saved on your device. This means that all users need to use this sort of authentication, which involves a biometric verification step, such as a fingerprint or face ID scan, on their phone or PC. Because hostile actors lack the necessary site-stored counterpart to those device-stored keys, this security solution is thought to be more secure than passwords when it comes to thwarting phishing attacks.

Although the business points out that 1Password already offers biometric authentication, this step just hides passwords rather than totally replacing them.

According to Steve Won, the chief product officer of 1Password, changing “part of your passwords” won’t be sufficient to advance passkeys; instead, you should change all of your passwords, including the ones you use to log in to password managers like 1Password.