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Android 14 is working on latest settings called regional preferences

Android is a major operating system being used all over the world. Google, through its app launchers, ensures that its users from all regions, including those from that region, are accommodated. Although our phones use the system default languages, the latest version of Android (version 13) is developing a feature that will allow language settings to be customized for each app individually. However, Android 14 is aiming to take the game even higher. It’s planning to allow its users to set up regional preferences like languages without having to reach out to every app’s settings individually.

Android 13’s option was a major breakthrough as it saved users from setting up their apps individually according to regions. This could be a person who speaks English but is using applications in French. We can imagine it even further: what if you’re an American who has moved to India and wants your temperature unit to remain Celsius instead of Fahrenheit? As per reports from Mishaal Rehman, Android 14 has verified system changes like that.

Regional preferences

Android 14 DP1 has a specific page in settings called Regional Preferences. This page allows its users to set up preferences for the whole system, including temperature units, calendar formats, the first day of the week, and your device’s number system. After allowing and setting up your device through this, your apps won’t ask for your permissions to update stuff based on your regional information.

Although it’s a new feature, there are some limitations to it. Wherever possible, it will make explicit use of these preferences. This region-based setting feature could yield some really interesting details. The choices for temperature alteration aren’t available yet.

  • Temperatures could be set up in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit.
  • Chinese, Dangi, Hebrew, the Indian national calendar, Islamic, and Persian calendars are all possible.
  • The first day of the week could be altered to be Sunday or Monday, or maybe any other day you like.
  • The numbering system could be altered depending on your device’s location.

With all these settings, you can still access the app’s default settings. In this way, your regional preferences can’t alter your settings. It will become much more interesting with other small details added to this setting option. We hope to get it sooner, with all setups on Android 14.

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