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20 Percent price increase in Starlink satellite internet due to inflation

Starlink, the satellite internet provider founded by Elon Musk, is raising its prices. Due to rising prices worldwide, the SpaceX company is incurring higher costs, which are now passed on directly to customers. Like SpaceX, the operator of Starlink, explained in a note to its customers, shared with colleagues on Engadget available, the prices at Starlink will be increased immediately. According to the company, this is a response to rising costs that you have to accept yourself. The company specifically cites rising inflation as the reason for the price hikes.

Due to “excessive” inflation, the prices of Starlink kits will soon rise significantly. The package, which includes a motorized satellite dish and associated modems, will cost $549 in the future instead of $499 for all customers who have already made a down payment. For new orders, the price increases from $499 to $599.

A monthly subscription also gets expensive

The monthly cost of using Starlink also increases. Previously, this required $99, but in the future, the price will increase to $110 per month. This also applies to all existing customers for whom the price increase will apply from April 22, 2022. An official statement from Starlink or SpaceX on the subject is not yet available. The information comes from emails you sent to your customers today. Those who pre-ordered Starlink can request a full refund of the purchase price.

This applies even if the receiving kit was delivered within the last 30 days. There is also still an option to get a partial refund of $200 if the Starlink subscription is canceled within a year. Starlink uses a network of numerous small satellites to enable high-speed network access even in remote areas or regions that are poorly connected to the Internet via DSL, cable, or WLAN.