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22 Best Google Chrome Shortcuts You Must Use To Improve Speed

Well, using a mouse is quite handy and handy things make you lazy, do you know that people who mainly use the keyboard for their work most of the time rather than relying on Mouse complete their work 40 percent faster than people relying heavily on the mouse.

Secondly, by any chance, if you don’t have a mouse or its broken, you can keep doing your work without getting much worried about it.

Today we will discuss and list down some really important Google Chrome Shortcuts that you must remember and try using that in your daily work routine, you will find it amazing. Many of you still rely on mouse’s wheel to scroll down the page, that sound is quite distressing sometimes especially when your mouse gets older, it can be avoided by simply pressing the “Space key”. When I tried it first I really enjoyed it and you will too.

Let’s start from the beginning.

1 Open Up A New Tab

You can press Ctrl+T to open up a new tab

2 Close The Current Tab

You can press Ctrl+W to close the current tab

3 Reopen The Recently Close Tab

You can Press Ctrl+Shift+T to perform this task

4 Go/Jump To Specific Tab

Hold The Ctrl Key And Then Press The desired Number e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

5 Open Hyperlink In a New Tab

Hold Ctrl+Click will do the job

6 Take The Cursor in Search Bar

Press Ctrl+L the address will be highlighted then you can type (If you press backspace the address bar will be cleared, if you press right arrow it will go to the right and if you press left arrow the cursor will be placed at the end of the address.

7 Go Back To The Previous Page

You can Press Alt+Left Arrow Key

8 Go To The Next Page

You can Press Alt+Right Arrow Key

9 Reload Or Refresh The Current Page

You can Press Ctrl+R

10 Search Within The Page By Opening Find Bar

You can Press Ctrl+F

11 Scroll The Next Highlighted Words In Find Bar

You can press Enter

12 Scroll The Previous Highlighted Words In Find Bar

You can press Shift+Enter

13 Bookmark The Current Page

You can press Ctrl+D and Then press Enter

14 Open up A New Window

You can simply press Ctrl+N

15 Close All Current Tabs

Simply press Ctrl+Shift+W

16 Reopen All Closed Tabs

You have to open a new tab then Press Ctrl+Shift+T

17 Minimize The Current Window

Press Windows Key+M

18 Maximize The Current Window

Press Windows Key+Shift+F

19 Quite Google Chrome

Press Ctrl+F4

20 Open Up New Incognito Window

Press Ctrl+Shift+N

21 Clear Browsing Data

Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete

22 Search Google From The Current Tab

You can Press Ctrl+E

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