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3 Best Blogging Tools You Can Never Ignore

3 Best Blogging Tools

Have you ever considered of using some best blogging tools to give a little more shine to your content?


Don’t you value your time and effort? Sure you do. Then why not start making blogging easier and more populating.

To get you started, let me first give you some value to using my top blogging tools.

Consider yourself on a journey. You’re driving your favorite car on a highway. Everything seems alluring. But suddenly, your car starts bobbling. You start losing control over the steering, slow down and park your car on a roadside, and get out of the car and find the trouble, a flat tire. What you’re going to do now? Wait for help or do it yourself?

Sure if you have a spare tire and the tools and know how to change a tire, you’d do it yourself. But if you don’t have a spare tire or the tools or don’t know how to change it, you will have to wait for some help.

Now consider yourself being the blogger (that is you). You know that you can write. But do you have the tools to generate new content ideas? Or to find what people are looking for?

Before writing, you need a plan. It isn’t easy to make but with some best blogging tools, you’d do a lot better.

So without further ado, let’s start discussing the ’best blogging tools’ to make your content more popular.

BuzzSumo to Generate Content Ideas

Idea generation of your new content is often a big issue. Whether you’re naive or a nerd, you’d find yourself in a dump. You might think that you’re all out of ideas. You have written everything and now the only thing you need to write is your resignation.

Don’t even think like this! No one (or nothing) can be perfect. And when nothing can be perfect, it means that there is a room for improvement.

For now, use BuzzSumo to help you back on your feet. Brainstorm and find the topic of the day. I was too confused about the choice of the topic. Then I remember that BuzzSumo is one of the best blogging tools to generate content ideas. And now I have this content!

BuzzSumo is easy to use. You just have to find results against a keyword (probably a long-tail keyword). BuzzSumo will then provide you results showing what you can write and what you shouldn’t

I used ‘blogging tools’ as my primary keyword. The results are shown in the image.

buzzsumo-3 best blogging tools

The results shown gives you an idea which content is more shareable over different social media networks. I chose the second post from the results (20 Killer Blogging Tools for Customizing Your Content), as a tool to generate a content idea for this post. This post is shared more on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The first post, however, was shared 6.8k times on Pinterest. But it couldn’t reach more audience on other platforms.

The idea is simple – generate your content ideas from the posts which are shared the most on the top social media networks. And you’d even narrow down your search using the ‘advanced search options’.

UberSuggest to Trending Keywords

This tool is useful in multiple ways. UberSuggest;

  • gives you an idea to generate content
  • helps you find searchable keywords
  • provides you multiple keyword options

ubersuggest-3 best blogging tools

Again using the same keyword (blogging tools), I found the best results for this post.

UberSuggest uses Google Trends’ data to show the searchable keywords. The results from my finding against the keyword gave me an idea that this keyword (blogging tools) is searched 100 times for a particular period of time.

The best thing about UberSuggest is it offering of alternative keywords. If you think your searched keyword isn’t more valuable for your next post, you could use some other keyword. Or you’d use multiple keywords in one post.

The trends for each keyword could be found and the top producer then could be used. The results can be downloaded for future reference. And if you go to Google Trends, you could even compare multiple keywords to get a more accurate result.

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CoSchedule to Analyze Your Headlines

This is one of my favorite blogging tools.

Headlines are the first element (after the featured image) that would decide if your content is clickable or not. Just like newspapers’ headlines, a blog’s headline is a key to measuring the readability of your content.

When I was new to blogging, I used to follow my mentors’ headlines. As of the few mentors, I was then able to produce a few type of headlines. But as I found CoSchedule Blog Post Headline Analyzer, I was able not only to produce an appealing headline but also learned the importance of different part of a headline.

A headline is not only about words, it must offer some value to the reader.

Experts recommend the use of some emotional or empowering words. These words would help the reader to go to your content.

Experts also recommend the use of numbers as they seem more attractive.

Now, this tool will help you building a stronger headline. It will tell you where you must focus more. Not only this, But they’ll score your headline based on the words you have used.

coschedule-3 best blogging tools

One more good thing about this tool – no limits of using this tool. And if you’re stuck in creating a catchy headline, their blogs are shared everywhere on the page to help you.

Your Best Blogging Tools

  • BuzzSumo – Generate Content Ideas
  • UberSuggest – Keyword Trends
  • CoSchedule – Analyze Blog Post Headlines

These are just 3 best blogging tools, and we have a lot more to find and follow. Make your step-by-step guide to becoming a great blogger by following these tools and we’ll talk about more tools soon!

Do you have some more blogging tools to share? I’d LOVE to hear from you!

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