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These apps will make your life easy

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Every tech savvy and time savvy person has once in their life time Googled the term “apps to make life easy”. There has been a huge advancement when it comes to using smart phones. They have revolutionized business, art, lifestyle and everything in between. Apps on Google PlayStore and iTunes almost have the solution to almost all your problems. There are fitness apps, finance apps and time management apps. Each one of them designed to specifically give you the solution to the problem that you are encountering. The mobile app industry is a booming business and it expected to be worth 63 billion Euros by the end of 2018.

The mobile industry caters to a huge chunk of apps that make life easy for users. The lifestyle apps are driven by the process of innovation and diversity. To be honest, apps do make life more easier for people. We are all digitally oriented so might as well make the new dimension of our journey as easy as possible.

Here are some apps that will make life easy for you:

With Cyber Monday, today the best one is Slice. Slice is the app available on iOS that limits the hassle of online shopping by managing and tracking your online shopping transactions. Online shopping is very convenient but tracking deliveries is hard so Slice, track them on your behalf and send real-time updates.

Keeping a track of finances is necessary

Expensify is the app that will help you scan and categorize your receipts. It has a very friendly user interface. It will help you keep a track on your expenses and purchases. Not to mention it is very clean and properly organized for all the OCD ones out there.

Waze is a real-time traffic update app. You and other users in the local community can share real-time traffic information that includes accidents in the vicinity or hazards that ensure that you’re not caught up in traffic. It helps in taking the route that is traffic free making sure that you reach well on time.

Trello is an organizing app that provides solutions to people who are not that organized in their life. The app allows keeping a track of ongoing projects and helps in interaction with other people who are working on the project. It helps in visual organization of anything with anyone. The app has a super simple and easy interface. Making life easy for those who just cannot get a grab on their projects.

If you like to have spontaneous gatherings with friends then Open Table is the app you are looking for. It provides you quick access to local restaurants where there are open seats available making sure you do not have to venture out. It also provides good reviews and menus of the local eating places.

GoToMeeting is a very efficient app making life easy for those who are always on the go or work with people who are located in other cities. It is fast and easy to use. Not only this, but the platform is able to reliably hold meetings and conferences. The app is perfect for people who manage other employees and like to keep updates even when out of station.

The apps are available on iOS and Android

HiFutureSelf, is the app that would remind you of things that you forgot. Some people and by that most of us are so busy that we tend to forget small things. The app makes life easy by sending texts which remind you to do things. The app sends out a text which will remind you of the activity ahead of time or the specific date where something needed to be done. It’s like a note to your future self on what to do.

Apple Pay is the app you use to pay for services with your iPhones. The security features in it are over the top. Apple has partnered with Visa, Mastercard and American Express to enable payment without cards. It is being accepted in a number of places so no need carrying around cards when it can be done through your smart phone.

Audible gives you instant access to the best novels and non-fiction books in the marketplace. If you are bored or just commuting back from work then there is no need to feel stressed. You can listen to your favorite book or pieces of literature to pass the time.

Native, Hybrid or Responsive-what will your mobile app be like?

Look no further for management apps

Asana is an app that makes life easy for those managing big teams. It allows easy communication with the employees and there is no hassle of emails. The features allow assigning tasks, tracking daily progress, updating on projects, and have discussion all with the touch of a button. It is an easy way to get the entire team onboard at the convenience of your bedroom.

IFTTT is an excellent app that lets you customize your alerts. It works on creating “recipes” that you can tailor according to your personal taste or interests. Then it alerts you on them. For example, if you want to know the next time Manchester United win a game, just create that alert. The app will alert you whenever that happens giving rise to a complete alerting system. The possibilities are endless-what a time to be alive. It takes a while to get a hold of making recipes but it is well worth the effort.

Scanner on the go

Genius Scan is a pocket scanner that lets you take pictures of documents with your smart phone. The pictures are clear and can be sent to the computer as a PDF while, making it more accurate and useful image to be used further.

RescueTime is an epic time management app. Many users spend hours scrolling through their social media and it is hard to resist. All those memes to share or snooping around what other people are doing. The app monitors how much time you spend on the phone and holds users accountable by breaking down the time spent uselessly scrolling through social media feed. It gives you the ideal work-life balance. It helps you set foals and allows users to block certain sites.

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These are some of the apps that will help in making life easy and we hope they help.

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