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3 Tips for Managing Body Image Issues Caused by Breast Cancer

How to Choose the Right Prosthetic Bras and Breast Forms for Your Needs

Choosing the fitting prosthetic bras and breast forms can help you feel balanced and confident. Your fitter can guide you to the options that will meet your needs.

Breast forms are available in various shapes, sizes, and skin tones to match your natural breasts’ movement, weight, and appearance. They come in symmetrical styles that fit on both sides or pear-shaped forms that add volume under the remaining breast tissue.

Where to buy

Many private health funds offer rebates on mastectomy bras and breast forms. Check with your fund for details, including waiting periods and terms and conditions.

Specialist lingerie stores and some department stores offer prosthetic bras for sale. You can also shop online, like mastectomy bras, which provide some guides on fittings and how much they cost.

A complete prosthesis is shaped to lie flat against the chest where all breast tissue has been removed. It matches your other breast’s size, shape, and skin tone. It is then paired with a pocketed bra to hold it in place. Women with a single or double mastectomy can choose between symmetrical and asymmetrical styles. Lightweight options use an aerated silicone gel to reduce the weight of the form and promote airflow, making them more relaxed for active wearers or those who sweat easily.

Size and shape

These soft, gel-like breast forms are typically made from silicone to mimic natural breasts’ appearance and gentle movement. They’re available in various sizes and shapes to suit different women. Some are weighted to match the weight of a remaining natural breast, and others are designed specifically for those who have had one-sided mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Some breast forms can be worn without a bra, but most are tucked inside a pocketed garment or placed directly against the chest with contact adhesive. They can be sleeved to create the illusion of an even more natural look.

If a form feels too hot in warm weather, speak to the fitter and ask for advice on wearing more relaxed clothing or sweat-absorbent covers that don’t degrade the form. Hand washing your paper at least once a day is also a good idea.


Women who have had a mastectomy are often concerned about how their new prosthesis will feel when worn. It is essential that the breast form feels natural and moves with your body.

There are a variety of sizes and materials available. The most lifelike breasts are silicone molded, but you can buy foam and fiber-filled breast forms. These are designed to be a little lighter and can be used immediately after surgery if your doctor permits.

You can buy breast forms, adhesive nipples, and mastectomy bras from specialist stores. A professional fitter will take a sensitive approach to helping you find the right items. They are usually experienced in dealing with people who have undergone a mastectomy. You can even organize a home fitting with some stores.


Most breast prostheses are silicone, but there are also leisure forms made of foam and lightweight adjustable that can be worn immediately after surgery. Some are filled with polypropylene beads, which mold to the shape and allow air to circulate, making them more relaxed. Mastectomy bras with pockets for a prosthesis are available, and camisoles to wear when going out (they prevent the breast area from being rubbed by clothing) and provide comfort and security while the surgical wound heals.

A trained fitter can guide you through the range of products, including mastectomy lingerie. They can show you how to slip the prosthesis into a pocketed bra and check it sits comfortably and symmetrically under your clothing. They can also explain cleaning, storing, and caring for it.


Women who have had mastectomy or lumpectomy may prefer to use a silicone breast form that resembles the natural curves of their chest. Alternatively, they might choose to use foam prostheses that are lighter and cooler, as they do not put as much pressure on the chest wall.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some resemble the natural nipple, while others do not. They are self-adhesive or stick on using a safe glue.

If you have had a double mastectomy, consider choosing a symmetrical breast form with extended wings that fit under the arm. These are designed to be worn on the left or right side, and offer added support and comfort. Look for bras with pockets sewn into the insides of the cups to help hold the breast form in place and prevent slippage.

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