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Introducing the Best Amanita Gummies on the Market

Amanita muscaria has quickly become an exceedingly popular product despite not many people knowing a great deal about it! Also called the fly agaric, this mushroom is often erroneously classified as ‘magic.’ 

In reality, it doesn’t contain psilocybin, the psychedelic substance contained within shrooms. Thus, it is legal in 49 of the 50 states, with Louisiana as the only holdout.

The lack of public knowledge of amanita is perhaps due to the relative lack of detailed research into the mushroom. Proponents of amanita suggest that it has many therapeutic properties. Opponents say it causes many harmful effects. Certainly, there are reports of people being hospitalized after consuming it.

Then again, this could be down to the mushroom’s compounds, ibotenic acid, and muscimol. Products such as amanita gummies may contain varying degrees of these compounds, which dictates their effects. 

This article outlines the best amanita gummies sellers on the market, but first, let’s learn more about how the mushroom’s active compounds determine their possible effects. 

What Is in Amanita?

Muscarine was long considered the most relevant compound in Amanita muscaria. However, as the level of research into the mushroom improved, it became apparent that there wasn’t much muscarine in Amanita.

Instead, its most prominent compounds are ibotenic acid and muscimol. Ibotenic acid has stimulating effects since its chemical structure is similar to glutamate. However, it is believed that high levels of ibotenic acid can result in neurotoxic effects. 

There is also a link between it and adverse effects such as vomiting and dizziness. Thus, it is entirely possible that individuals who suffer major issues after using amanita gummies consume products with excessive ibotenic acid.

In contrast, muscimol is linked with beneficial effects due to its relaxing effects. Its chemical structure is similar to GABA. Muscimol could help with medical issues such as seizures and neuropathic pain. Thus, it seems as if the best amanita gummies contain a high level of muscimol. 

Fresh amanita contains lots of ibotenic acid, so it is necessary to decarboxylate the mushroom to transform the ibotenic acid into muscimol. 

What Will I Feel After Using Amanita Gummies?

Before buying products from one of the best amanita gummies sellers outlined on this page, learning more about what you’re likely to feel is crucial. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict what will happen because amanita’s effects vary from person to person. One thing we can say is that you won’t feel the same as if you use a magic mushroom.

According to many users, lower doses of amanita can lead to mild intoxication. Thus, they feel slightly drunk and experience drowsiness, relaxation, and perhaps difficulty moving in a coordinated manner. 

It is perhaps wise to avoid using large amounts of the mushroom. That’s because you may experience hallucinations, time loops, vivid dreams, and a feeling of having died!

The effects could become noticeable within 30 minutes or take several hours to manifest. Furthermore, you could feel these effects for hours or a whole day. Thus, it is imperative that you begin with a very small dose at first. Perhaps use half or a quarter of a gummy and gauge its effects. 

Which Brand Sells the Best Amanita Gummies?

The amanita marketplace is already filled with dozens of brands. The quality of what’s on offer varies significantly as consumers take a step into the unknown. Below are five brands that have established a positive reputation. 

1 – VidaCap

The consensus choice as the seller of the best Amanita muscaria gummies is VidaCap, a brand famed for offering a variety of mushrooms, such as lion’s mane and chaga.

Amanita muscaria is different, of course, and VidaCap only recently began selling amanita gummies. Its offering consists of eight gummies, each of which has 500mg of amanita extract. 

Available in a tasty Berry-Mango flavor, users enjoy the taste and the effects. VidaCap, thankfully, keeps the ingredients list relatively short, which certainly helps the quality. To cap it off, these amanita gummies are suitable for vegans since they contain pectin rather than gelatin. 

2 – Premium Jane

Next on our list of the best Amanita muscaria gummies is Premium Jane, a renowned CBD seller. Recently, the brand expanded its product range to include additional cannabinoids. It even began offering products overseas to Australian customers.

Its amanita gummies offering is similar to the rest of its stable insofar as the product contains high-quality ingredients, with 500mg of amanita extract per gummy. The gummies are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Also, shipping is free if you live in the United States, although Louisiana residents must remember that amanita remains illegal in their state. 

3 – Trusted Mushrooms

This brand makes a pretty remarkable claim. According to Trusted Mushrooms, its amanita gummies are ten times more potent than what its rivals offer. That’s because it uses trademarked technology to boost bioavailability tenfold. It achieves this by breaking down the chitin in the amanita. Thus, users get a better bang for their buck.

While this sounds great on paper, there’s an absence of evidence. Trusted Mushrooms doesn’t provide any proof of its gummies’ muscimol content, while its bioavailability claim also remains unproven. That being said, it is a popular brand, with plenty of consumers claiming that the amanita gummies are of the highest quality. 

4 – SporesMD

This brand markets its amanita gummies as a legal psychedelic. There are 20 gummies per container, each with 300mg of a “psychedelic complex” consisting of cordyceps, lion’s mane, l-theanine, and an amanita extract blend. It is a little puzzling because amanita is not linked with psychedelic effects per-se. Certainly, these amanita gummies don’t contain psilocybin; otherwise, they would be illegal.

In any case, it is an interesting product available in several flavors, including Mellow Melon, Fruit Loopy, and Orange Dream. SporesMD also sells pure muscimol gummies, which may prove appealing to anyone wishing to avoid ibotenic acid. 

5 – Galaxy Treats

This is yet another brand that seems to link its amanita gummies with ‘trippy’ effects. Galaxy Treats claims that you will feel a psychedelic experience, even though there is no psilocybin in its product. 

Its range of amanita gummies comes in flavors such as Strawberry and Mango. There is 750mg of amanita extract in each gummy, more than what most of its rivals offer. You can choose between the 10-count and 3-count options. The latter is ideal if you’re using amanita for the first time and want to see whether it provides positive or negative effects. 

The Last Word on the Best Amanita Gummies 

It is our considered opinion that VidaCap sells the best amanita gummies on the market at present, closely followed by Premium Jane. It is much of a muchness regarding the rest of the field, although the brands highlighted above have plenty of satisfied customers.

We need a lot more research to properly understand what amanita can do for us. However, it does appear as if the mushroom’s muscimol and ibotenic acid content is all-important. The available evidence suggests that amanita, with a high level of muscimol, offers desirable effects. In contrast, excessive ibotenic acid can lead to a highly unpleasant experience.

Thus, whenever possible, check out the product’s muscimol and ibotenic acid content via the brand’s lab reports. Otherwise, you may not know what you’re getting.

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