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4 reasons Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would be a debacle

Samsung proudly launched its new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 after being demeaned from the predecessor Galaxy note 7 which was utterly a failure due to faulty batteries. Note 7 incurred not only huge losses for Samsung but also so much of criticism.

1 Past experience of Galaxy Note 7

The past user experience of Galaxy Note 7 was not good at all, Samsung recalled millions of units from the market as you know it, now the successor is bragging about the new features, screen, S Pen, and Cameras. But people do remember the past, as it comes from the same Note family people would definitely hesitate to buy it regardless of its features and strong built.

2 Too Expensive

The phone is so expensive literally since the other players like Huawei and Oppo are catching up with the technology so fast and offer the more or less similar features with value for money the price for the handset is the way beyond the approach of many mediocre users.

3 Too big

Have you seen it yet? It’s a monster, to be honest, 6.3-inches of screen makes it more look like a tablet rather than a phone. After all, people have to carry it along all the time, have to put it in the pocket or handbag the size would really annoy them. However, the consumer might like the bigger screen but they would soon realize that it’s not a mobile its rather stay on the desk or stay at home phone.

4 Battery

Since the phone is too big has large screen and resolution, better camera and features it would definitely require more battery than the normal phones. Though 3300mAh battery is big enough it might not as good as for the phone itself, there are phones in the market with 4000mAh battery but it seems 3300mAh battery for Note 8 is not going to be enough as the phone gets older and stuffed with data.

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