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5 tips for starting an oil company

Starting an oil company is not a walk in the park. You’ll need a lot of capital and must obtain permits and licenses from various entities in the government. But the oil industry is a billion-dollar sector with high risks and a good return on investment. It is a sector with massive opportunities like oil drilling, oil distribution, oil processing, and cleaning oil spills in the ocean.

The Independent Petroleum Association of America estimates that independent oil companies contribute 4.1% of the United States’ gross domestic product (GDP). These businesses offer employment to approximately four million individuals. Looking to start an oil company? Here are five great tips for starting an oil company.

Determine What You’ll Focus On

The oil and natural gas industry has vast opportunities: oil drilling, processing, distribution, selling oil drilling equipment, consultancy, and supply. You need to determine what you want to focus on because a jack of all trades approach is illogical. Consider your experience, qualifications, and skills when choosing your business niche.

Assess the Target Market

What makes a business stand out is knowing what its target market needs and delivering it. Find out what you can do better than your competitors and how to solve big challenges. If you want to start a scalable oil company, you need to do a thorough market analysis of the particular sector. Identify your competitors, know your strengths, the hits and misses by other businesses, and the value your company brings.

Develop a Business Plan

Once you are ready to turn your business idea into reality, it’s time to draft a business plan. A business plan is a blueprint of why, where, and how you want to start a business. It should highlight the location of your startup, the services you will offer, the executive summary, financing, and the value proposition.

To start an oil company, you need significant capital investment. Identify your financing sources early on: crowdfunding, small business loans, bank loans, savings, or short-term loans. You can even start small with a title loan. It is easy to apply for and you’ll get quick cash to launch your business. Look for auto title loans online and explore available options.

Register Your Business and Obtain Relevant Documents

Just like starting any other business, starting an oil company has many lengthy processes. You will need certifications, permits, and licenses from several government regulatory bodies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is advisable to hire an attorney or an expert in registering oil and gas companies to guide you through the application process.

Launch Your Business

After registering your business and being given the green light by regulatory bodies, it’s time to launch your startup and serve customers. Invest in the appropriate equipment to offer excellent services and products. Hiring a team with prior experience will also help you scale your business fast, so only get the best talent. Hire experts in administration, the oil industry (for sound advice), sales, marketing, engineering, and public relations.

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