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5 tips to keep your Windows PC protected against malware

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Protecting your Windows PC from malware is a very tough task. People are thinking that the virus or the malware will not attack them since they don’t have any sensitive information. But you never know how the hackers are going to use the information. Just because Windows 10 is equipped with the built-in Antivirus program doesn’t mean, you are protected. It offers a basic layer of security but you have to take things to the next level by following some tips. In this article, we are going to give you five amazing tips that will allow you to protect the PC against malware.

Use updated software

The first step is to use the updated software. People often have the ignorance to update their regular software. They consider the update process as an unnecessary task and they always follow strategic steps to avoid the update. But by ignoring the updates, you are imposing a great risk to your security. The hackers are always trying to exploit the critical weak spot of the old software. The hackers get enough time to test the weak spot of the software and they impose a great level of threat. But if you update the software regularly, it becomes a tough job for the hackers to get into the system. The hackers fail to penetrate the new software update. By the time they find the weak spot, the developers bring another update so that their clients can enjoy premium quality software.

Don’t install unknown applications

You must not install unknown applications just because you want to run the program. If you do so, try Norton, this is a great antivirus since they will detect the threat. Many people often install unknown software just because they want to download a specific movie or TV series. After installing the software, the fail to download the movie. When they try to uninstall the program, they fail since their PC is already infected. To avoid such problems, you can rely on professional software that is familiar. Stop using the unknown software even though it might promise excellent service. A piece of advice, when you get a deal that is too good to believe, you should not use that one since something is off the track.

Encrypt the data

To protect your computer from malware, you must encrypt the data. By encrypting the data, you are adding an extra layer of security. Even if the hackers get access to your computer they won’t be able to use the data since they will be in the encrypted form. If you can do things in the right manner, you can expect to get the best result while using the internet. So, learn more about data encryption so that you don’t have to lose any vital information due to the hacker’s threat. You have to follow a strategic path to ensure safety.

Install a pop-up blocker

By installing a pop-up blocker software, you can add great security. Most of the professional antivirus program has a built-in pop-up blocker. So, if you use a premium antivirus program, you should not have any trouble in dealing with the critical situation while using the internet. If you are not sure which pop up blocker to use, you can search the internet and you get tons of good software. But make you sure you chose a reliable one or else you will be adding zero layers of security.

Back up your data

The best practice to protect your data from the malware data is to create a backup. By creating a backup, you will be able to ensure that the information is stored in a safe place. There is no way you are going to lose the information. But when you create the backup make sure you store them in a safe place since you never know how the information can get leaked. Use your intellect and find a suitable storage medium so that you don’t have to deal with complicated situations.