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5G Bid: Ericsson Threatens To Leave Sweden If Ban On Huawei And ZTE Continues

Ericsson threatens

Ericsson threatens to leave Sweden if the government does not remove the ban imposed on Huawei and ZTE in the race to 5G: it seems a contradiction that a company is willing to take such drastic measures to help direct competitors, but the reasons are obviously more personal. In summary, Ericsson fears that the Chinese government will take similar measures against her in retaliation, thereby excluding her from all 5G-related projects in one of the largest markets in the world.

Like the United States, Sweden has prevented Huawei and ZTE from supplying next-generation network equipment to network operators operating in the country, due to the usually national security risks (the fear, remember, is that the Chinese government will force companies to carry out acts of espionage and theft of personal data against foreign citizens).

According to local newspapers, Ericsson’s CEO, Börje Ekholm, has already communicated his position to the Minister of Commerce Anna Hallberg, but the answer was negative: it is indeed difficult to imagine that a government could decide to reverse a decision made. to safeguard national security to protect the interests of a private company, even if it is a giant of the caliber of Ericsson, which contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Ekholm is also trying to take legal action, but could not find lawyers willing to help him.

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