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5G service in Pakistan will soon to start its tests in the country

5G service in Pakistan

5G service in Pakistan is soon to start its first test in the country under the authority of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The test would, however, take around 3 years to complete its tests. By 2020, Pakistan would become one of the first South Asian countries to test the next generation of mobile technology.

The 5G service in Pakistan would run the tests in collaborations with some mobile operators of the country. The goal will be achieved when these mobile companies in the country will develop their mobile applications under the supervision of PTA.

The government would facilitate all existing as well as new companies to test 5G in Pakistan. The facilitation would be in the form of free test license and spectrum

The statement was first rolled out when Chairman PTA, Dr. Syed Ismail Shah was talking to the media at a workshop held in Islamabad on Tuesday, May 30.

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An EoI [Expression of Interest or invite for applications] would be floated at a suitable time to gauge interest in conducting a trial before the standard is finalized in the year 2020

Other than Pakistan, UK, USA, China, and South Korea also intends to complete their 5G tests by 2020. Talking to the media, a spokesperson further said:

Some countries have even declared access to broadband as a basic human right

Evolutions like this would help Pakistan register its name among the rising countries in the field of information technology. IT Minister, Anusha Rehman was also of the view that steps like these will help the country’s economy as well the tech sector of the country.

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