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6 Instagram Features That Businesses Should be Using

In the world of social media, things are constantly changing and evolving. As a business, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and platforms to reach your target audience. Instagram is one platform that has undergone some major changes recently, and there are now some great features that businesses can take advantage of. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best Instagram features for businesses to use. By using these features, you can help to improve your brand awareness and reach more potential customers. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


If you were to think of Instagram features that help increase your followers, you would probably not think of Stories. However, if used correctly, Instagram Stories are a great way for you to begin growing your account.

Why is this? This is because one of the most important factors that the Instagram algorithm uses is how much engagement an account receives. By using Instagram Stories correctly, you can increase the levels of engagement that your account receives. More than this, Instagram Stories are a great way for businesses to let their followers know exactly what is happening, or to provide quick updates. If you’re out of ideas and want to view others’ Instagram Stories anonymously, Earthweb has reviewed Instagram story viewers that can help you massively. People will not know that you’re viewing their stories, yet you’ll be able to draw some inspiration from the best.


Another Instagram feature that businesses should start using right away is Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases that help social media platforms, such as Instagram, to group similar content.

Hashtags by themselves don’t automatically increase the number of followers that you have, but they do allow for your content to be more discoverable. In addition to this, by using hashtags you now can target a specific audience. When you use hashtags as a business, it’s incredibly important to use relevant hashtags to get the right audience. Your post is about to cause, but your hashtags are about animals, this won’t get you the active and interested followers you are looking for.


Another great feature that businesses should be using in the comment section. If you are doing something right, then you should notice that almost all of your posts have comments. While this is great within itself, you should take it a step further by replying to these comments.

More than this, for your business to be noticed, you have to be active on Instagram, other than just posting images or videos. A great way to do this is by commenting on specific users’ posts. You should strategically find users that will enjoy your content and then comment on their posts.


One of the most important features that you should use as a business whilst on Instagram is analytics. While it’s great that you are using hashtags with each of your posts, replying to comments, posting Stories, and more, all of that is in vain if you aren’t sure what it is that is helping you to grow, or what is holding you back.

By using Instagram Analytics, you can see which of your posts are the most popular, and what type of content isn’t getting much traction. More than this you can find out which hashtags are working and which aren’t, and have access to growth charts to see how you are doing.

Reels and Trends

One of the newest features on Instagram, which has become incredibly popular over the last 2 years, is Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels are short videos that have music, which is generally funny, entertaining, or informative.

These videos are shown to people who are not your followers, which means that you can increase your reach and discoverability by using them. More than this, you might get lucky by creating an Instagram Reel that becomes viral.


Last but not least, you could begin using, Instagram Television, or IGTV, as a business. Where Reels are great for showing short-form content, IGTV is great for showing long-form content. There are many interesting ways that you could use IGTV. For example, you could create a podcast and display it on IGTV. You could also start a series, maybe how-to videos, and use IGTV. Research shows that people are interested in long-form content, but before you create any, you should find out if your audience is.

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