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90 Percent of Gamers Will Soon Earn Cryptocurrency, Says Reddit Creator


Think play-to-earn games will never work? Alexis Ohanian is not of the same opinion. The co-founder of Reddit is certain that in the future, 90% of gamers will no longer want to spend their time on games that do not bring them anything. A statement made while the community is exasperated to see NFTs land in their media.
Credits: Axie Infinity2021 will definitely have been the year of cryptocurrencies… for better or for worse. While NFTs have had their breakthrough with the general public, they are gradually trying to settle into our daily lives. Thus the world of gaming has been rising for several weeks on the studios that see technology as the next big revolution in media. But the damage is already done:

Ubisoft and Konami have already entered the market, and other video game players will probably follow them. However, the world of cryptocurrency did not wait for the big publishers to decide to invest in the field of gaming. Several games, referred to as play-to-earn, already offer to earn virtual money by playing. Whether it’s capturing Bitcoins like in Pokemon Go or using virtual currencies to spend within the game, like in the popular Axies Infinity, the principle is as innovative as it is popular. And according to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, the trend is still in its infancy.

Reddit co-founder promises bright future for crypto games

“90% of people won’t play a game if their time isn’t properly valued,” he said on the Where It Happens podcast. “Five years from now, you will really value your time. And instead of being hassled by ads, or getting ripped off spending money on stupid hammers you don’t actually own, you’ll be playing a game that will be just as fun, but actually win you. of the value of which you will be the harvester.

To obtain confirmation, Alexis Ohanian can count on the support of the metaverse, which makes gaming one of its standard bearers. What’s more, play-to-earn games allow many users, many of whom are still minors, to own a wallet without the need to open a bank account. For these reasons, experts expect to see the demand for these games is skyrocketing In the coming months.

Source: Business Insider

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