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A brief introduction to Google’s Universal Translator tool

Artificial intelligence has its own pros and cons. The AI is progressing rapidly in current times. It can pose several benefits ad on the other hand it can cause some serious harm. It seems like tech companies are eager to lead the AI field without considering its harmful impacts. The same is the case with the Universal Translator tool introduced by Google. Google shared some insights about the AI tool during its I/O 2023 event. The tech firm highlighted the potential benefits as well as disadvantages of this tool.

In terms of innovation, the technology is good. Since it can translate speech. It works by taking a video of a person speaking and dubbing it into a different language. The speech is translated, and the played audio is AI generated that matches the original speaker’s tone and voice. Furthermore, this technology even syncs up the speaker’s lips with the AI-generated voice. It appears that the speaker originally recorded the video in a different language.

The potential disadvantages of the Universal Translator tool

With the advancements in AI tech, it has become more difficult to distinguish between the content generated by a human and AI. Using this Universal Translator tool any person’s voice can be generated. It can be used to spread misinformation. Users could generate fake videos and harm one another.

Even during the presentation at the I/O event, James Manyika mentioned the phrase “Bold and Responsible.” This means that Google will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that individuals cannot use this technology for evil Acts before making it widely available to the general public.

Well, it remains to be seen how this will be done by Google. Since it has a large user base and there could be millions of malicious users as well. Such technology could conveniently be used for harmful and manipulative purposes. Time will unveil how things turn out. We hope that Google has an idea of what it is up to.  

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