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The redesigned Google Home app is now available

It has been long since Google announced the redesigned Home app. Back in October 2022, Google stated that the Home app will get a new UI. After several months of testing the new UI, Google is finally rolling out the revamped Home app to the public.

There is a huge difference between the redesigned Google Home app and the previous Home app. The UI is provided with the Material You theme. Previously, the different devices appeared in small circular buttons, and under each button were different rooms. In the redesigned UI, the devices appear large. They are enclosed in rounded rectangles similar to the Bluetooth audio device picker in the Pixel launcher. The buttons double as sliders. Swiping the finger across the button adjusts the brightness of the device.

More than one camera feeds now appears on the screen at any given time. Each camera feed resides in a big, rounded rectangle window. It provides more details about the feeds. The Video feed is now provided with different options that help users control various devices in a specific room. So besides just looking at cameras users can also control devices in a room. In short, users can control all settings from just one screen.

The interface complies with the Dynamic theme. All buttons on the interface adjust with the color of the theme. Furthermore, a Favorite tab is added at the bottom. Users can pin different devices and actions in this tab. Thus, making access easy from a single screen. All the changes are quite good. They will provide a better user experience. just make sure that your Google Home app is fully updated. Wait for a day or two in case your app has not been updated yet.

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