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A lawsuit was settled by Google for location tracking

Large-scale companies like Meta, Google, or Microsoft can’t just stay out without getting troubled by the government. A lawsuit was settled by Google that claimed it was tracking the locations of users without their consent. As per information via Android Authority, the company must pay 40 million dollars to settle the matter.

Companies like these have most of their revenue generated from ads, and they will try everything to generate revenue from any source required. In that sense, they just can’t stay out of trouble with the government. As for Google, it works out in the same way as in 2021, when the company made 80% of its yearly income from ad revenues.

A large location tracking lawsuit was settled by Google

Technology is reaching new heights of advancement, but the question of privacy and security is still haunting users. In terms of tracking locations, no one will be willing to be tracked by these tech giants. This unnecessary location tracking caused Washington State to sue Google.

It was claimed by the state that Google is trapping its users in terms of location tracking, which is in their hands. Even when the permission for location tracking is turned off, Google will still be able to track its users’ location data.

The State of Washington hauled Google into court because that was a big no-no there. Washington State may have requested more money, but Google did agree to pay $39.9 million. Obviously, that doesn’t amount to much for the $1 trillion firm.

It’s not the only legal battle Google has faced over this issue. Arizona State sued Google for much the same thing last year; however, Google settled for more than twice as much as the Washington claim. The cost to the corporation was $85 million.

In addition to having to pay, Google will also have to disclose more information about how it uses customers’ data. The use of your location data on Google’s website will therefore need to be explained. This might be a major win for users all over the world.

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