A certification application features the redesigned Galaxy Smart Tag 2

Back in January 2021, the South Korean tech firm introduced Galaxy Smart Tag. It is a Bluetooth tracker. Until now, we have not witnessed any follow-up of the device and it’s been a long time. Recently, something interesting regarding the Galaxy Smart Tag appeared on the FCC listing.

The FCC website lists various details about the forthcoming Galaxy Smart Tag. The device is said to be debuted with the name Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2. The listing depicts what shows up to be a retail-ready model of the device, which will also receive a complete redesign.

The new design has replaced the original rounded square design. Now, the Smart Tag showcases a pill-shaped design with a sizeable cutout at the top. The cutout might help it to attach with keys, objects, and backpacks. The listing doesn’t reveal anything about the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag 2. However, based on what we have seen so far, we anticipate that it will be relatively small. We can only hope that further details will surface soon.

The listing indicates that the tracker will feature support for ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Such a tech would enable precise tracking with compatible devices. You might be wondering what is the difference between Bluetooth tracking and UWB tracking. Well, it can be understood with a simple example. With Bluetooth tracking a user knows that the smart tag is inside the house, but UWB tracking enables the user to know the exact location of the smart tag i.e., in the kitchen on the shelf.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Smart Tag Plus with UWB support. However, the original Galaxy Smart Tag did not feature UWB support. The information fetched from the FCC listing indicates that the tech company would only debut one model of the Smart Tag 2. Most often, the FCC listing means an impending public release of a product. There are some possible chances that the device might debut before the end of this year.

Besides this, we already reported that Google postponed the launch of its Find My Device network. So, there is a probability that Samsung might delay the launch of Galaxy Smart Tag 2 until next year. More information about it will pour in in the upcoming weeks.

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