A few YouTube Premium members will have early access to AI tools

Youtube video

Earlier this month, we learned that the tech giant Google was experimenting with some new AI tools for its video-sharing platform, YouTube. As of now, the company is ready to give early access to AI tools and some other features to a few members of YouTube Premium. The company shared the news in a recent announcement. As per the announcement, YouTube Premium members will be given access to two new AI experiments, including the conversational AI chatbot and the generative AI tool for brief comment sections.

AI chatbot for YouTube

Google claims that the chatbot can answer questions, suggest relevant content, and more. It can be used by users while watching videos. In simple words, it won’t interrupt the videos. Reportedly, the tool is currently only available in English. It will be rolled out to the Android version of the app in the US. According to the company, users who get early access to the feature will see an ‘Ask’ button under the video. It can be used to submit queries or prompts.

AI tools for the comment section

The other AI tool is specified for summarizing the comments section. Reportedly, the AI tool is capable of categorizing comments into themes. It will be quite helpful for creators since they can easily access the relevant comments and skip the scam ones.

Furthermore, YouTube is also going to receive an improved bitrate for 1080p HD videos. Initially, the feature debuted on iOS. It will now be rolled out to Android, web, and smart TVs. Google also revealed Premium badges, limited-time sales and promotions, and the option to continue where you left off across several devices.

In relation to artificial intelligence, YouTube has released new standards for material created by AI. It is now mandatory for content creators to identify whether or not their video includes modified or artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content.

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