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A free Tool That competes with the CCleaner


Under Windows, the operating system or installed software always leave legacy burdens on the PC. To counteract this, many use the well-known CCleaner. However, the software sometimes leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to thoroughness. The free tool Privazer, on the other hand, is a faster and more extensive alternative that also eliminates Microsoft’s espionage components.

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More information: From unwanted tracking mechanisms to legacy issues that accumulate on the computer: Windows is not exactly perfect. If you want a little improvement, the free program Privazer can help. Unlike the CCleaner, for example, the tool focuses on user-friendliness. Privazer never leaves the user alone in front of the computer, but explains in detail why individual measures are being taken. So it always offers a good insight into the subject and is therefore perfect for beginners.

Privazer: Understand what is happening

Even when setting up Privazer, it was noticeable that the developers placed great value on user-friendliness. If you want, you can use the tool as a portable version immediately without installation. The “First Steps” in Privazer are a kind of tutorial and explain exactly how Privazer works. There is one tutorial for beginners and one for experienced users. You can learn, for example, what “smart cookies” are and are shown in clear pictures the effects of deleting autocomplete functions, picture caches or old Windows versions.

Privazer: Pro data protection

You inevitably leave traces on the Internet. Tracking cookies or internet history reveal a lot about your habits. Privazer deletes this data and also looks at what kind of traces you have left on your PC. This is how the software finds files that your computer should actually have deleted, shows you which software was active on you and which registry entries can be found for it. The tool also reliably detects unnecessary files. If desired, Privazer can remove these entries and delete data or the recycle bin without leaving any traces.

Optional data detective

Alternatively, you can use Privazer to track activities on your computer. Search your PC for the last “software use”, “Windows traces” reveal exactly when which programs were last started and the jump lists show the last website visits and opened files with alarming accuracy. It’s good that Privazer has these Can also remove traces.

Scan from external storage

You can also use the tool to scan USB sticks, connected hard drives, network storage devices or SD cards for entries and program residues. In the options you can also specify the profiles of portable browser versions that would otherwise not be recorded. The practical deletion functions of Privazer can also be integrated into the Windows context menu during installation – with a right-click you can then delete files irretrievably or safely empty the recycle bin.

It doesn’t always have to be CCleaner

Admittedly, the surface of the CCleaner looks more modern and a bit clearer. However, the manufacturer has not always covered itself with fame in the past. So if you are looking for a free alternative that offers the same functions and works even more thoroughly, you will be well served with the PrivaZer. The software is updated regularly and therefore always offers new features.


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