A generative AI image creator is being introduced by Getty Images

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Most of the tech companies have incorporated Gen AI tools into their products and services. However, when we come across the information that a platform exclusive to human-created content has introduced a Gen AI tool, it is kind of disturbing. Getty Images is a famous stock photo website. Reportedly, the website will soon introduce a Gen AI image generator. Given this, the company is focusing on safety for its users.

A generative AI image generator is coming to Getty Images

The CEO of the company shared the news about the upcoming Gen AI tool during the tech event. Reportedly, images will be generated with the help of text prompts. During the event, the new tool was showcased along with some examples. Although the tool has not been official yet.

The company has a team of professional photographers who capture professional-quality images for the platform. Notably, the company wants to make the tool secure and safe for the user community. In addition to this, the CEO claimed that the company will pay photographers whose photos will be used for training the AI model.

If someone buys an AI-generated image trained on a photographer’s image, the source of the photo, i.e., the photographer, will get paid for it. The amount of money will depend on how much the photo affects that image. Well, this might change with time until or unless something becomes official.

It is good that the company is making efforts to cater to creators since AI tools can impact the lives of creators who earn their living by photographing different objects and locations. Let us wait and watch how this turns out.

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