Users can now create custom Google Home routines with the new AI tool

The tech giant Google rolled out a Script Editor for Google Home in June. This tool is useful for building custom smart home routines. Users can write as well as edit the code to build respective annotations. However, the feature is not useful to those users who are unaware of coding. From this perspective, the company is going to resolve this issue with an AI-powered tool. Reportedly, this tool will generate code based on the text provided in natural language.

Google Home users can now create custom routines

Several routines can be found in Google Home that help users adjust them in accordance with their needs. Besides this, a user might still wish to automate routines. For this reason, the company debuted the Script Editor. Users can now use the “help me write” option. With this option, users can provide instructions in natural language; afterward, the tool will write the code, harnessing the powers of generative AI. Following this, users can copy and paste the code, enable it in the Google Home Script Editor, and create a custom routine.

The new tool will arrive later this year

Before the end of this year, Google Home’s “help me script” AI tool will be released in a Public Preview. On the web, it can be accessed from the Script Editor on Google Home. The company has not shared details about the availability of the tool. The company’s blog post states that the new ‘help me script’ is based on a large language model. It is continuously trained and improved. With every passing day, it is learning to generate precise and customized scripts.

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