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A new look for Google Chrome desktop upcoming in 2023

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Along with all of the new year’s resolutions, Google intends to provide a better experience to its users in 2023. According to a report from 9to5Google, the browser app for Chrome will be updated with a new look and a more user-friendly experience. Although the update is still in process, we can take a look at the latest features Google will be providing in this upcoming update. A recent announcement was made about this update in November that gave an indication of an upcoming update on the working interface for Chrome.

Initially, these features appeared on Chrome Canary, and later they were added to Chromium builds. The option for seeing this interface is blocked, but you can have a look at it by activating it.

A new upcoming look of Google Chrome

The usual Google Chrome updates aren’t particularly noticeable, but they do give your browsers a more modern appearance. After activating this latest update, you’ll notice a slight tint of blue in the background of your browser page.

The omnibar and tabs are also more clearly separated from one another. The bookmarks interface now has rounded text boxes and buttons, which is the second noticeable change. These boxes are currently rectangular in shape.

However, there are certain details about Google’s “refresh” package for Chrome in 2023 that we do know. Calling the upgrade a “refresh” implies that the firm has no plans to give Chrome a significant redesign, which is not surprising.

Google may, however, add a few additional features, such as “dynamic theming,” which determines the theme colour of the browser based on the primary colour of the wallpaper. We’ve already seen this with Material Design’s “Dynamic Colors” for Android.

Leopeva64, a well-known tipster, also hinted at a potential change to the toggle button design for Chrome’s 2023 release. The most widely used browser on the market right now is Google Chrome, despite significant attempts from competitors like Microsoft Edge. In 2023, it will also maintain power. The app’s high CPU utilization is its one drawback, which could be problematic for users of older devices, but we hope Google can find a workaround.

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