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A detailed view of Netflix’s policy on preventing password sharing among users

As announced by Netflix about preventing its customers from sharing their password with other people. As the latest policy was being tested in various countries, it had a significant impact on the company’s revenue. After testing that feature, Netflix has given a detailed explanation of how it will prevent people from sharing their subscriptions.

How Netflix will prevent account password sharing

Netflix clearly stated the prevention of password sharing in their most recent FAQs on their official website. It claimed that users from different locations sharing the same account would not be applicable. It means that if you share the same account but live in different locations, you won’t be able to access it.

If the policy is still unclear to you, here’s a detailed look at how the company will prevent you from sharing passwords or accounts. The company will be observing your primary login location through your IP address, device IDs, and account activity to make sure that the original subscriber has logged into the account.

If a login occurs from a different location, Netflix will generate a temporary code that will allow you to log in for up to 7 days from that location. Regarding people who are travelling with their primary devices, they will not face that problem when using them in a different location. Although it is essential for you to login to your account from your primary location once a month for uninterrupted streaming,

So, within the course of every 31 days, you need to login to your account once from your primary location so that it will keep the service uninterrupted even when you are away from that location.

In other cases, if you are away for an extended period of time, your account will be locked and you will need to request temporary access.

It’s important to note that this has no impact on the number of users who can use the same account to stream Netflix material simultaneously.

Profile transfer

In accordance with this issue, Netflix has launched another feature called “Profile Transfer.” This latest feature can allow you to take your own profile from someone else’s account and turn it into your own personal account, keeping all of your data, suggestions, and watch history.

As confirmed by Netflix, the loss of its 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of 2022 led to a significant fall in global market share from 32% to 27%.

This entire situation made the company introduce some low-cost ad-based plans. Instead of sharing a single account with multiple people, Netflix is allowing them to have their own accounts and subscriptions, which will increase the company’s revenue. However, we can’t recommend anything just yet about the success of these new policies.