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A startup will develop Robot that will soon smell and taste your bad cookery

The company Rewired, which specializes in robotics-based in London and Switzerland just found the right partner named “Aromyx” in order to bring the senses to the digital world. The partnership is focused on amalgamating robotics and digitization of taste and scent.

Aromyx, as the name implies, develops technologies that create scientific and reproducible measurement and digitalization of aroma and taste. The company has already commercialized the human olfactory system.

It practically seems almost impossible to digitize or replicating taste and smell also in a repeatable way. Even if we have possibilities it becomes so complex because it requires input from engineers, chemists, and biologists all the fields. But Aromyx working alongside with scientists at Stanford are able to figure out how the biochemical signals would be reproduced that our sensing organs send to the brain.

Technology that will let you text the smell to your friend

The company uses EssenceChip which is a disposable biosensor, the method used in the technology is straightforward, alluring and perpetually complex.

Commercial uses

The company would be able to create various commercial applications for different purposes you could have ever imagined. It can be used for quality control in food and beverages companies. Flavor and aroma refining for food chains and for luxury brands to digitize new car smell. And it unlocks unlimited possibilities for robotics.

Rewired would be able to use the technology in various robotics products, the things human used to do before robots would be doing such as;

Robo: Babysitter, does the baby requires changing?

Robo: Siri-bit, Is this milk still good to use?

Robo: Chef: Does this sauce require bit more salt?

Hopefully Rewired would come up with even better ideas in the future. What more ideas you can think of? Tell us in the comments. Taste and smell recognition technology is advancing now according to a spokesperson, let see what comes next in this latest partnership.

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