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Samsung will release Bixby speakers in 2018 first half

Samsung is not leaving smart speakers market behind, Google Home and Amazon Echo could see their next competitor coming out of the blue during the first half of 2018. Samsung is still committed to launching the Bixby speakers in 2018 according to the Bloomberg’s report. Samsung would launch the product in just $200 which is quite cheaper than the Google Home and Amazon’s Echo devices if the premium products are considered. However, Google and Amazon both have cheaper variants of the products which cost around $50.

The report says, Samsung’s Bixby speakers will have an audio focus but it will also do smart home features as well, which clearly indicates the product is premium, not just a voice assistant. Bixby speakers would be able to control home products and TV in your home.

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Samsung is positive about their Bixby speakers because of completely revamped Bixby 2.0, they still have to push it in the market and see how things will go along.

As far as price is concerned, Samsung has positioned themselves pretty well, Google’s range goes most expensive in the market ranging from $50 to $400 followed by Apple HomePod which is expected to offer $350. However, Amazon sells it units from $50 to $150. Samsung comes in the middle neither high nor low as long as it can offer superior audio quality and skills.

The most important part of Samsung Home Speaker is Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s assistant, and Apple’s Siri are considered pretty much like toddlers in the market when it comes to speaking, understanding and performing. But Bixby is still a newborn baby if we look at the first version of Bixby, Samsung might play well with Bixby 2.0 if it does then the product would play a critical role in home speakers market.

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