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According to Musk, X will become a subscription-only service

We are all aware of the fact that Elon Musk has made some unpopular decisions for X, formerly known as Twitter. Notably, the CEO of the social media platform has now come forward with another surprising revelation. Reportedly, Elon Musk was engaged in a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During this session, Musk claimed that soon X will become a paid service for all users.

The platform’s “vast armies of bots” cannot be defeated without making “a small payment every month for use of the X system,” according to the billionaire entrepreneur. Musk claimed that the effective cost of bots is quite high, even if a bot manufacturer has to pay a few dollars. “Because a bot costs just a fraction of a penny, say a tenth of a penny, nevertheless if (a bot maker) has to pay,” he stated.

In addition to this, Musk has not given an idea of how much the monthly subscription to X will cost. Another question here is how the new payment plan will differ from the existing Premium plan. According to Musk, each bot will require a new payment method, so the bot makers need to register them. In this way, the setup of fake accounts on X can be controlled.

Currently, there is no information on when the new subscription plans will be introduced. According to the statistics he provided during the conversation with Netanyahu, X now has 550 million monthly users who publish up to 200 million posts every day. If and when X becomes a subscription-only service, that number will definitely decrease as consumers migrate to substitutes.

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