Users can now label AI-generated content on TikTok

AI is now everywhere. Occasionally, we come across content generated by AI, all thanks to AI tools like AI videos, AI music, AI image generators, AI filters, and AI voices. Some users obviously don’t prefer the content generated by AI. According to information provided by Engadget, TikTok is going to introduce a new feature that will help users identify the AI-generated content on the app.

TikTok has several AI features, like AI filters that generate images by using the pictures a user uploads. Furthermore, another AI tool generates background. In simple words, we can say that TikTok is no stranger to generative AI.

Users can label AI-generated content on TikTok

Although TikTok has several robust AI technologies, it encourages users to alert other users when they are using them. If customers use AI, the corporation will allow them to tag their material. The names of the AI tools will be changed when creating content so that users are aware of their use. It will be in the name of any filter that makes use of AI.

The labeled content will showcase the words “Content labeled as AI-generated” inside a gray bubble on the bottom left side of the video or image. Do note that this label won’t take up the content’s space or view. Well, this is not required at all since users can use other strategies to label their content. It can be done via a sticker, text, or other means. The sole purpose is to make users aware that they are viewing AI-generated content.

This method has one limitation. Clearly, it is upon the user to label the content. There is a possibility that a user might opt to not label the content given the fact that it could lessen the views. Some people employ artificial intelligence to produce deceptive information. Giving away the fact that their content uses AI would essentially be counterproductive.

TikTok has a solution

In the midst of this, TikTok is going to implement another strategy that will automatically detect the AI-generated content and label it. This will be beneficial for users who don’t like to view AI-generated content on the app. Currently, there are no details on when this feature will roll out to the public.

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