According to reports, ASUS discontinued its Zenfone line of compact flagship phones

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When it comes to the best compact smartphone by ASUS, the Zenfone 10 is the best smartphone so far. It not only has a powerful, compact form factor, but it also lacks the usual drawbacks. The company is appreciated for several reasons. Some of them include the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack and a compact flagship series. However, it might not persist for long. According to some recent reports, ASUS might be shutting down its Zenfone division.

The report from Technews Taiwan, suggests that the company is busy with internal restructuring. Reportedly, the company has closed down some departments, one of which is Zenfone. The company has shifted the employees of the Zenfone division to the ROG Phone team and other areas of business. Furthermore, the report claims that the Zenfone 10 is the last phone in the series. Given the fact that the team has been merged into other areas of the company, there won’t be any successors.

Just a few weeks ago, we heard that the company had blocked bootloader unlocks for Zenfone users. The business insisted that they were only temporarily inaccessible to the instrument and did not prevent the possibility of unlocking it. Similarly, some community members recognized that the company had removed the firmware for the previous Zenfone from its official website. In response, the community moderators stated that the company no longer supports old firmware versions to make sure that users benefit from updated firmware.

Although these two situations don’t necessarily point to shutting down the Zenfone division, they can be identified as the possible reason behind the recent news. Currently, nothing is official from the company regarding this report.

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