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According to rumors, Google will introduce two smartwatches this year

A recent rumor implies that Google will release the Pixel Watch 2 this Autumn, while another claim that the company will actually release a second smartwatch this year, one aimed particularly towards children. However, it won’t be a Pixel Watch for kids; rather, it will reportedly include the Fitbit logo. Right now, Fitbit doesn’t produce any smartwatches for children. But it does produce a fitness tracker for youngsters.

The recent information comes from John Prosser on Twitter. The claim that the children’s watch will be manufactured by Fitbit is not made directly in the rumor. But he does say that Fitbit will “more than likely” be the brand. And it makes a little bit more sense than a kids’ device with the Google brand. Fitbit has experience designing wearables for youngsters, after all.

There is no information regarding the exact brand of the kid’s smartwatch. It could be branded with Google, Pixel, or Fitbit. Whatever the brand may be the device will come with some awesome partner features for parents who use the Pixel Watch 2.

There is a chance that the two devices could connect with each other. In this way, parents can keep a check on their kids. This is just one possibility. There could be many others with third-party apps. In addition to this, the source also claims that the Pixel Watch 2 will be introduced in Fall. Besides this source, two other sources have claimed similar things.

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