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Google Chat will now let you quote messages

Since incorporating the Hangouts app, Google Chat has undergone a significant makeover. The service includes both group and individual messaging in addition to the standard chat functionality. The absence of messaging quoting in replies is one of Google Chat users’ pet peeves. In general, given that the software currently has in-line threads, this wouldn’t be regarded as a significant absence. However, it’s always convenient to have that extra choice in a communications app, and Google will take note of this with the current server-side upgrade to the app.

As per an announcement from the company via its Workspace blog, message quotes will now be available in replies. A video representation of how this feature will work is also presented by the platform. This latest feature will be a pleasing change, but it will not affect the way you use the app. This feature is already provided in many apps by some means, and Google Messages is a bit late to join this list.

As stated by Google, the quote reply will contain a link to the original message, which is a specified criteria for these messages. However, we’re not sure when it’ll be available, but there’s hope for it to be available through May.

This feature will be available to all users once it’s rolled out, including users with personal accounts, workspace account holders, or any legacy G Suite business or basic subscribers.

In addition to the small upgrades Google Chat has received over the past year or two, this functionality improvement comes after a significant Material Design update last month. With Slack positioned as one of Chat’s main rivals, Google added a few small improvements in an effort to compete with its rival messaging service.

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