Ads for malware have appeared in Bing AI search results

Even without AI, the internet can occasionally be a dangerous place to be. Search results are presented using generative AI by Microsoft’s Bing AI. It is a strong instrument that can provide you with accurate results, but it is not flawless. Bing AI results featured a malicious ad, according to a Malwarebytes analysis via TechRadar.

This isn’t quite a catastrophe, but it might cause some AI-related problems. All eyes are currently focused on AI businesses to show us that this technology won’t be incredibly harmful. Even though this problem isn’t truly related to AI, it doesn’t improve the situation much.

On a Bing AI search result, a malicious advertisement was discovered

It’s not unusual to come across harmful advertisements on the internet. While navigating search results, we’re all accustomed to avoiding shady advertisements. However, considering that it was generated by AI, it might make Microsoft take a closer look at the outcomes that Bing AI is producing.

When the researcher requested the Advanced IP Scanner tool, the disputed malware was provided. Although this piece of software is valid, Bing directed the user to If you were rushing to get the tool in your hands, you might not notice the deliberate error on the URL, where the second “a” in advance was changed to an “e.”.

The installer for the “tool” was downloaded by the researcher when they visited the website. They did not download an IP scanning tool, as you may probably guess. The fraud appears to be dead, which is excellent.

Although helpful in this situation, that doesn’t amount to much in the big picture. It demonstrates to all of us that AI technology is not yet ideal. Though AI results are intelligent, they are not necessarily reliable. Because of this, it’s always advised to apply common sense and intuition when using the internet, even when artificial intelligence is present.

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