After nearly ten years, the “iTunes Movie Trailers” app is being discontinued

iTunes Movie Trailer is one of the oldest Apple apps. It was introduced for iPhones as well as iPads by the company. The company rolled out the app in 2011. As of now, the company will integrate the iTunes Movie Trailers app into its TV app. It means that the app will now be available as a built-in feature of the TV app. On the other hand, such an approach marks the end of the standalone app.

As per the information, the company has added some information regarding this change on its website for iTunes Movie Trailers. The information states that “The new home of iTunes Movie Trailers is the Apple TV app.” Furthermore, some Reddit users noticed that the same information appeared on the iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

Following that modification, Apple has begun introducing a new “Movie & TV Trailers” area to the TV app for Apple TV. A screenshot of the modified design, which provides a tiled interface of trailers for the most recent trailers that are available to watch, was posted on Reddit. The new feature is situated under the TV app’s “Store” interface, which makes it quite obscure and unlikely that most users will discover it on their own.

As of now, the change is just in its initial stages. Since the new banner presented in the original iTunes Movies Trailers app is non-functional at the moment. Hopefully, the transition will be completed shortly, and once it is done the support for the standalone app will be terminated by Apple. Although the app was around for quite a long however, it appears to be neglected by the company. Even though it isn’t a standalone app, it is encouraging to see that Apple is committed to providing a dedicated experience for perusing trailers.

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