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Production concerns have caused a delay in the microLED Apple Watch

As per previous reports, Apple was set to introduce its microLED smartwatch by 2025. However, some fresh pieces of information suggest that the company won’t be releasing the microLED smartwatch until 2026. It is possibly due to production issues. These claims are based on some new supply chain analysis.

As per the available information, the Cupertino-based tech firm has signed a deal for microLEDs with LG. LG is perhaps the only partner for the time being. On the other hand, the South Korean tech company is trying hard to improve its microLED panel production. The Ultra will be the first Apple Watch to use microLED displays, and the technology will subsequently filter down to the standard models.

In addition to this, microLED tech is quite expensive for many reasons. The prime reason is the low yield. Besides this, the production of panels is quite complicated, and the standard of the units is not too good. The difficulty of the technique stems from the nature of the small light-emitting diodes.

According to reports, LG has a solution for fixing the defective microLED panels. However, the fixing process is quite expensive. For this reason, LG is trying to acquire patents. As a part of this approach, the company has bought around 14 US patents documented by the Taiwanese Ultra Display Technology firm. These patents deal with a method for positioning chips that is more reliable and precise, resulting in higher yields.