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All About iOS 16 The big Update for iPhones

As always, shortly after the introduction of new iPhones, the version number of the firmware can also make a big leap. iOS 16 is here. Apple is now making the update available for its smartphones to download free of charge. We give you the overview.

Apple follows the old autumn tradition: iOS 16 is here

This year we are writing 15 years of iPhone history. We have already told you what the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus and the enthusiast models iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are capable of. Now follows the next autumn tradition of the group with the apple logo. iOS makes the jump to the next big version number 16.

Who gets the iPhone update?:

  • iOS 16 is available today as a free software update
  • Available for iPhone 8 and newer

The most important features of iOS 16 at a glance:

  • The biggest lock screen update yet
  • A new way to edit and collaborate in messages
  • New tools in Mail and more
  • Opportunities to interact with photos and videos
  • Visual lookup
  • Much more

The lock screen: Own, more helpful, nicer

The new flagship feature. The lock screen is expanded and much more customizable. Photos on the lock screen can now be provided with a depth effect that partially makes the clock disappear behind picture elements. Also, font and style are customizable.

There are also widgets that are familiar to the Apple Watch. The idea: make information such as calendar events, battery status, alarm clock, time zones, and progress of the activity rings comprehensible at a glance. On the new iPhones, the new always-on display can demonstrate its strengths here.

Notifications are now displayed from the bottom edge up, which should also prevent the shiny new clock and pictures from being obscured on the lock screen. Apple makes it possible to choose a list view, stack view, or display by count. By connecting to the lock screen, Apple also wants to improve its focus function. Activating focus modes is now possible with a swipe between lock screens. Focus filters only allow the messages defined for this mode.

Messages are much more customizable

Apple has mercy on all too hasty message senders. Sending a message can be undone within 2 minutes, editing is made possible for up to 15 minutes. A maximum of five corrections can be made, but the recipient has access to all changes.

Apple makes it possible to send Share Play invitations via Messages to play movies or songs with shared playback controls.

Mail is becoming more modern

With Mail, Apple is adding welcome functions that have been around for years elsewhere. Delivery of messages can be scheduled, and it is now possible to cancel sending within the first 10 seconds. In addition, there are comfort updates that should make it possible to move, remember and find e-mails more intelligently. Apple proudly speaks of the “biggest update to search in years.”

Very Amazonish feature

Apple also wants to catch up a bit in terms of image recognition. A clever cut-out function automatically cuts out motifs in images after a short tap and hold. These excerpts can then be pasted into other apps such as messengers.

Text recognition now also works system-wide in videos. Clips can be paused and then interacted with the text. Visual lookup, as Apple calls it, has gotten smarter and is now said to recognize birds, insects, spiders, and monuments.

Many more features

As usual, Apple still delivers many small and large adjustments. An overview of the most important adjustments follows:

  • Apple Pay Order Tracking integrates receipt and order tracking information for Apple Pay purchases directly into the wallet
  • Apple Maps gets improved driving and transit navigation and multi-stop route planning
  • The Home app gets a design update, reorganizing the navigation, organization, and display of smart home accessories
  • The fitness app should also bring more benefits without an Apple Watch. The famous motion rings appear as a widget on the lock screen. Steps, distance, and altitude are recorded and the calorie consumption determined
  • Apple News has a new My Sport section. The user defines favorite teams and leagues, and Apple curates the corresponding media content and also synchronizes it with the Apple TV app
  • Game Center gets a new dashboard that consolidates information and makes loading easier
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