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All Delta passengers will soon have access to free in-flight Wi-Fi, Thanks to T-Mobile


Through a partnership with Delta, T-Mobile is making Wi-Fi more accessible on their flights. T-Mobile is aiming to provide free Wi-Fi access to all the travelers that are traveling through their service, along with AT&T, starting in February.

Free Wi-Fi for everyone flying Delta

It was revealed in an announcement at CES 2023 that the new idea is an expanded version of the program “Coverage Beyond,” launched by T-Mobile last year. Last year’s program focused on providing Wi-Fi access to T-Mobile subscribers on multiple airlines in the United States.

The latest partnership with Delta has resulted in the provision of Wi-Fi access within the flight. The goal of this latest feature is to provide free in-flight Wi-Fi access to everyone who is traveling through the service, along with video streaming support. The only restriction is being a Delta SkyMiles member, although it’s free to sign up.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said, “At T-Mobile, we think staying connected while traveling should be an effortless, seamless experience.” T-Mobile customers already have free access to in-flight Wi-Fi, and now we’re working with Delta to extend that benefit to all SkyMiles customers so that anybody flying on a Delta flight may use the internet from takeoff to touchdown.

How is T-Mobile explaining this significant rollout of complimentary Wi-Fi aboard airplanes?

Additionally, later this spring, Delta’s in-flight Wi-Fi connection site will be updated with the airline’s new Delta Sync Exclusives hub, realizing the dream of more individualized travel. The new SkyMiles-unlocked mobile operating system from T-Mobile and Delta will launch later this year and include tailored content, entertainment, exclusive deals, and more from well-known and loved businesses.

Beginning on February 1, complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi will be available on all Delta flights. By the end of this year, “most domestic mainline Delta flights” will be able to use it, and by the end of 2024, international and regional routes will be included.

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