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Linux 6.0 Is Releasing Next Sunday

The next major version of the free Linux operating system will be released next week. Linus Torvalds, the head of the kernel team, said last week that the appointment could be canceled. A few days ago, in one of his regular “State of the Kernel” reports, Torvalds explained that many key developers of the kernel team met at the Maintainers’ Summit 2022 in Dublin and that work has therefore been delayed.

Because of this, there is a possibility that the planned release date for Linux 6.0 will have to be pushed back a bit. “I expect RC7 (Release Candidate 7) to be larger than usual as pull requests have been pushed back a week, and at worst that could mean we need an additional RC8,” wrote Torvalds. However, he was also optimistic that it would still be possible to stick to the original schedule.

Exciting innovations

And this turned out to be justified. Because it turned out that the effort was not that much greater compared to other release candidates at this stage of development. “It’s definitely not an outlier,” shared the Linux boss now. “That’s good and makes me believe that unless something unexpected happens, the final version will be out on time next weekend.” Linux fans can therefore expect to be able to try out the final version of the new kernel shortly.

This brings with it various exciting new features – including support for the RISC-V instruction set and the Gaudi Accelerator from Intel. An improved Server Message Block 3 should also significantly increase I/O performance in networked storage. The release is planned for next Sunday, October 2nd.

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