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Amazon has started making drone deliveries in two states of US

The most-awaited drone delivery services by Amazon have finally been rolled out. The company has initially started offering its services in California and Texas. The FAA approved the service in August 2022.

This pilot was revealed by Amazon in June of this year. Before the end of the year, the company claimed, drone shipments would begin in Lockeford, an unincorporated area in California’s San Joaquin County with a population of roughly 3,500. The Amazon Prime Air programme has started in Lockeford as promised. College Station, a modest-sized community in eastern Texas, has also been included in the test by the company.

In the lead-up to this Christmas, sources claim that Amazon began using drones to deliver items in these two locations. However, residents must personally sign up for it. The business will next determine whether drone deliveries to their address are secure. A drone can transport qualifying packages that weigh no more than five pounds (2.2 kg) to approved clients. After placing their order, they will receive tracking information and an estimated delivery date. With the help of this program, Amazon hopes to be able to deliver purchases within one hour.

The drone will travel to the predetermined location and land in the customer’s backyard once the box is equipped and the shipment address is entered into its memory. The cargo will then be released onto the ground as the machine hovers at a safe distance. It will stand up and return to Amazon’s drone depot after the shipment is done, where it might find a new order waiting for it. Even though this trial programme has human oversight, the machine operates independently, employing algorithms to avoid hazards like electricity lines.

Amazon will expand its drone delivery services

Amazon has made an initial start with its new delivery service. According to information, the company is delivering within 4 miles in both California and Texas. The delivery service is currently limited to five days a week and is only available during the day. The area in which the service is available is divided into four regions, and approximately 50 deliveries can be performed within a day. One drone at a time is available in one region.

From this information, we can hope for a chance of expanding service soon. Customers will be informed about the availability of service in their area. Amazon is planning to make drones that are more convenient and can travel a longer distance, like the MK30, that would be available for the service in 2024. The company is currently delivering shipments with MK27-2, which contains six propellers. You can get information about drone deliveries in your area if you are an Amazon customer.

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