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Amazon reports 150 million devices sold, brings Fire TV into cars

Amazon today announced a major milestone in the marketing of its Fire TV series streaming devices. In total, more than 150 million Fire TV hardware products are said to have been sold by now. Cooperation with automakers was also announced. The Amazon Fire TV series is one of the most popular streaming hardware products. The sticks, boxes, and more and more TV sets with the appropriate support have meanwhile sold tens of millions of times. A total of more than 150 million Fire TV devices are said to have been sold, Amazon announced today.

An important part of the success of Fire TV is undoubtedly due to the fact that Amazon repeatedly offers the products at more or less strong discounts. Among other things, the Fire TV Stick was therefore the best-selling product from Amazon’s own hardware range on the occasion of “Black Friday” in 2021.

Ford and Stellantis plan to offer Fire TV in cars

In addition, Amazon announced for the first time cooperation with two car companies that want to offer Fire TV in their vehicles. The US group Stellantis, which includes various American brands, Citroen, Peugeot, Fiat, and Opel, also wants to work with Amazon to ensure that Fire TV devices can soon also be installed in various cars like the US manufacturer Ford.

In cooperation with Amazon, certain models of the US brands Chrysler and Jeep will soon be delivered with Fire TV support in their in-car entertainment systems. In addition, Amazon also presented a mockup, which is a kind of additional display that can be attached to the headrest of the front seats of many car models. Thanks to voice control, the touchscreens should also be able to be operated on-demand, so that various media content can then be made accessible to the rear passengers of the new Ford and Stellantis vehicles via the mobile network on the small screens.