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AMD introduces Ryzen 7040 series processors with on-chip AI

CES 2023 is going in full swing. Different tech companies are dropping their amazing products at the event. AMD is not behind far in this race. It has made an exciting announcement at the event. The announcement depicts the release of its Ryzen 7040 series. The chip company has declared that these processors are capable of providing around 30 hours of battery life. Furthermore, the company mentioned that these processors can beta the competitor Apple M1 Pro in some areas.

Reportedly, the Ryzen 7040 series can provide improved audio, and video as well as a gaming experience. In 2022, the Ryzen 7000 series were introduced by the company. It took off with four desktop CPUs. Now, the company has introduced the Ryzen 7040 laptop CPU.

The latest series by AMD is based on a 4nm process. It consists of an on-chip AI. This on-chip AI is termed Ryzen AI. The company declares that this feature will aid with blurring the background as well as some other similar tasks. However, the important thing to notice here is that it is going to be the first ever mobile x86 processor to showcase an AI on-chip. In addition to this, Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, mentioned that certainly AI is going to be an integral part of future tech products.

By March 2023, users will have the first device featuring the Ryzen 7040 series. However, more and more products will be added to the portfolio throughout the year.

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