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Amid its own AI initiatives, Apple prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT


Some reports indicate that the Cupertino-based tech firm is working on its own AI technology. In this perspective, the company has restricted its employees from using ChatGPT and other external artificial intelligence services. actually, the company is concerned that using ChatGPT and other AI tools has the potential to reveal the confidential data of the firm. Besides this, the company has even stopped employees from using GitHub’s Copilot which assists code writing with autocompletion.

Well, this case is not just limited to tech firms, serval other companies and organizations like banks, healthcare institutions, and financial services have restricted the use of ChatGPT. All such organizations fear losing and unveiling sensitive data. Just recently, Samsung banned the use of ChatGPT. Similarly, JPMorgan Chase and Verizon have prohibited the use of these AI tools.

A private ChatGPT service that enables staff members to question and examine the content in thousands of the bank’s market research documents has already been sold to Morgan Stanley by OpenAI. To address privacy issues, Microsoft is developing a version of ChatGPT specifically for business customers.

Apple is conducting its research on its own large language models (LLM) and AI technologies under the supervision of John Giannandrea. He is the senior vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy at Apple. Previously, Giannandrea worked for Google. As of now, there are no further details about Apple’s AI efforts. Besides this, just recently OpenAI has introduced an iOS app for ChatGPT.

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