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Manufacturing the Apple Mixed-Reality Headset is rumored to cost around $1,500

Apple will conduct its WWDC event in June. It is expected that the company might unveil the mixed-reality headset at this event. Some recent pieces of information suggest that the headset will cost around $1,500 per unit.

Minsheng Electronics have shared a report. In this report, the cost of each component has been detailed by the organization. As per these details, the total cost is mounted around $1,400. When shipping and bill of materials (BOM) is included the cost jumps to $1,600.

Among the device’s components, the most expensive part is the MicroLED display which is priced around $280 to $320. Next comes the 14 camera modules, which costs around $160. The device presumably runs on two M-chips SoC as well as a dedicated image signal processor that is priced at $120 to $140. The assembly of the mixed-reality headset is calculated to cost around $110 to $120. In addition to this, the company anticipates that 400,000 to 500,000 headsets will be produced by the end of 2023, with Apple operating a 15-day preparation cycle for stocking units.

Furthermore, there are several other reports that are suggestive of the mixed-reality headset price. A report from Wellsenn XR indicates that the headset will cost around $1,509. Another report from China indicates that the BOM of mixed-reality headsets is $1,290 or $1,300. It excludes the shipping charges. This report has cited two Asian analysis firms. Moreover, these reports indicate that mass production will start in Q3 2023. The device might be named “Apple Reality Pro.”

On Twitter, XR specialist Brad Lynch remarked that this BOM is roughly twice as high as the Meta Quest Pro headset. The headset’s overall cost, which includes packaging, shipping, and marketing, is probably considerably less than its rumored retail price of $3,000, but with a much narrower profit margin than most other Apple products.

Besides this, recently Mark Gurman asserted that the company initially planned to sell the handset at a loss. however, the company has now decided to sell the device at an estimated cost.

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