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Android 11 Beta News: Android Officially Starts Beta With New Features

Android 11 beta

After a short-term postponement, it starts now: Android 11 will be delivered in the first beta version. With the launch of the Android 11 Beta, there is also the first look at functions: they are about easier communication, smart home, and more.

First Android 11 Beta comes with many new functions

Because of the current events around the equal treatment of all people, Google postponed the start of the Android 11 Beta, now the company announces that the first trial version of the upcoming Android OS is now available – as usual, initially only very limited for pixel- Smartphones from Pixel 2, more devices will follow in the coming weeks.

In the first release, the company focuses on functions that are intended to facilitate communication in various chats but also under networked devices, but also focus on data protection and security. At a glance – Google highlights the following points at the start of the Android 11 Beta:

  • Conversations from different messaging apps move to a separate area in the notifications
  • Thanks to the new “Bubbles” function, users can react directly to incoming messages without jumping back and forth between apps
  • Easy access and faster and simplified control of networked smart home devices from one place
  • New media controls with which users can quickly and easily change the device that plays audio or video content
  • New data protection and security settings allow unique access rights for apps on camera, microphone or location

Conversations look different

Android has so far combined all messages in one area, regardless of the type of notification. This changes with Android 11 in relation to the messages about messaging apps, which are clearly delineated in a separate area. Here it is also possible to prioritize conversations, which are always placed at the beginning of the notifications. Such chats are then also shown on always-on displays and in “do not disturb” mode.

With Bubbles, Google picks up an idea that Facebook Messenger has been offering for a long time. Chats can be solved directly from the push notifications and then hover over the other content. “This allows you to react directly to incoming messages without having to jump back and forth between what you are doing and your messaging app,” said the developers.

Smart home a little smarter

Android 11 should also enable faster operation in the smart home. A long press on the on / off button leads to an overview of all smart home devices that can be operated directly in this area. Here, however, Google also summarizes other information on quick access, e.g. B. Payment methods or boarding passes. The media controls for audio or video content will also be updated with Android 11 and should make it easier to switch quickly between different devices.

Data protection and much more

For Android 11, Google promises “even more detailed controls for the most important access rights” in terms of data protection. It will be possible to grant apps one-time access to the microphone, camera, or your location. If an app is no longer used, Android automatically resets all permissions. In addition, “screen recording, optimized voice access, improved performance and a revised release menu that makes sharing content from your smartphone easier” can be expected from this and the upcoming beta versions, according to Google.

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  1. Its launch was held on 3 September 2019 pixels smartphones. The new capabilities include: dark mode, plug in … Android 11 approach! Google will reveal all the news of the update at a conference on online 3 June 2020

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