Android 13 beta could arrive with these amazing features

Android 13 is already out to the public. But it seems like Google has some other plans for Pixel users aimed at testing the new features coming to the platform. We can expect the next update to arrive by March 2023. However, we have received a little sneak peek into the new update. All thanks to 9to5Google for this glimpse of information.

Dylan Rousell at 9to5 Google activated some of these features earlier. But they are hidden deep inside the Android. Presently they are non-functional. Thus, we will ask you to take this news with a grain of salt. Since the features are so deeply hidden that they could be even taken away before the official release.

Let us start with one of the most interesting features that attract our users.

The latest update for Android 13 might launch a grayscale theme for Material You. As the name indicates, it will utilize the colors of the wallpaper and eventually apply them to the whole system theme. It means that if a user wants to set a greyscale theme, he will have to use a black-and-white image as the wallpaper. However, it seems like the greyscale theme will be introduced as a default option underneath the basic color.

Furthermore, we can also expect a Quick Launch feature. As the name indicates, while searching on the Google search bar, the app will pop up as one of the search results. Given the Quick Launch feature, users will be simply required to press the enter button once they have typed the app’s name. this will launch the app.

The latest Android 13 update might separate the notification volume slide and the ringtone volume slider. This will be quite convenient for users who desire to silence notifications and the ringtones separately. Moreover, the back gesture might get redesigned. Presently we see an arrow from the screen’s side. Given the redesign, it might be housed inside a small blob. the blob will stretch as it is pulled.

The upcoming Android 13 version might reorganize the way users set their apps on the home screen. The remove and Uninstall buttons might move to the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, the screen won’t change in size given that the user is moving or placing the apps.

The next change is related to tablets and foldable. The bottom taskbar could be redesigned. It might hide instead of just appearing at the bottom. To unveil it users will need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Last but not least Google might be experimenting with a desktop mode. This could be one of the most interesting features given the March beta update. Limited information is available about the said matter. But we can expect that Google is going to introduce a similar experience to the one that Samsung’s Dex presents.

Of course, more information will be shared with the approaching release date. Till then we have to wait patiently.