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Android 13 designing new controls for media

Android 12 was a major overhaul of the most popular operating system in the world, but not all aspects were redesigned. Google added media controls to the quick settings menu in Android 11. This makes it simple to jump between songs by just tapping a few buttons. These playback tools, which didn’t experience any major changes in Android 12, are set to see some improvements in 2022.

Although it’s not yet available in Android 13 DP1, Mishaal Rahman from Esper.io has been able to preview a new design for media controls in the Android update this year. It is immediately obvious that the widgets have changed. Android 13’s widget is near twice as big, allowing for a playback bar that allows you to skim the notification drawer without needing to open an extension. This is where the tradeoff seems to be in the loss of album artwork. However, this is an in-development feature so it’s possible that artwork support has not been added yet.

Another big change is the addition of repeat/shuffles controls. These buttons could make Google’s media control even more useful. After all, if you have everything in your notification tray, then you only need to open Spotify and YouTube Music to choose specific songs.

The new paint is accompanied by changes to the screen for selecting audio output. This feature is available in Android 13 DP1. As we reported last month, Google is also testing new tap-to transfer media sharing options. These are just a few small tweaks to get Android 13 on the road, which will launch later this summer.

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